Kay Boyle


Kay Boyle born St. Paul, MN February 19, 1902 (d. 1992). Author of more than 40 books of non-fiction, fiction, poetry, short stories, and children's literature. Nonviolent peace activist. Blacklisted by major periodical publications during McCarthy era. Participated in civil defense protest, New York, 1960. Marched 150 miles with Cesar Chavez, 1964. Went on fact-finding mission to Cambodia, 1966. Twice arrested for protests against Vietnam War, 1967; jailed 31 days for sit-in at Oakland draft center. Refused taxes for war, 1968; fired as professor for her role in student strike, 1968. Protested US bombing of Libya, 1986. Opposed nuclear weapons.


"What did we gain? We—when I say we I mean the younger generation and the stand which older people took—I think we stopped the war in Vietnam." (Kay Mills interview, Oct. 12, 1986; photo Wikipedia)