Betty Oyella Bigombe


Betty Oyella Bigombe born Acholi district, Uganda January 1, 1954. World Bank expert in post-conflict problems. Minister of Water Resources, 2011. Two-time mediator in attempted peace with Lord’s Resistance Army, 1992, 2004-05.


I’m also a very strong believer that military victory will never bring sustainable peace. You can subdue people, you can humiliate them, they feel they have no voice, they’ll go underground—it will resurface. . . I’m a strong activist for sustainable peace. That it took long to go this far. It took a lot of pains. But definitely, there are dividends. So, one most always deal with these complex situations with hope. Because at the end of the day, after trying and trying, and a lot of times falling down, that it is important not to give up. And I think my spirit is just never give up. . . ” (Aaron Brown interview, July 29, 2008; photo