Kamla Bhasin


Kamla Bhasin born Shaheedanwali, Punjab, India April 24, 1946. Indian social scientist, feminist; song-writer and poet; 2003 co-founded 1000 Women for Nobel Peace Prize 2005; co-founder Peace Women Across the Globe (PWAG) Bern 2006; Freedom from Hunger campaign of UN Food & Agriculture Organization specialist 1979-2001; worked for Indian-Pakistani reconciliation.


I am convinced that gender equality, justice and peace cannot be achieved without challenging the greed based neo-liberal economic order. In my opinion this paradigm is responsible for the resurgence of patriarchies, for increasing insecurities, conflicts and wars. So we feminists have a long way to go if we want to achieve equality, justice and peace.” (Poster Women, Sept. 11, 2011; photo ambrosia.am-blogspot)