Julia Bacha


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Julia Bacha born Rio de Janeiro, Brazil November 17, 1980. Brazilian filmmaker. “Pay Attention to Nonviolence”, TED Talk, 2011; “How Women Wage Conflict Without Violence”, 2016. Filmography includes Budrus: A Story of Nonviolent Protest, 2009; Naila and the Uprising, 2017.


Nonviolence is not glamorous and you don't see the effects right away. But it works.”

The greatest predictor of a movement’s decision to adopt non-violence is its ideology regarding the role of women in public life. . . when a movement includes in its discourse language of gender equality it increases dramatically the chance it will adopt non-violence and the likelihood it will succeed.” (“How Women Wage Conflict Without Violence”, 2:57, 2016; photo justvision.com)