Louise de Coligny


Louise de Coligny born Châtillon-sur-Loing, France September 23, 1555 (d. 1620). Peacemaker consort of Prince William the Silent of Orange who persuaded her step-son Philip William of Orange to accept the Treaty of Antwerp 1609 starting the Twelve Years Truce in the Dutch War of Independence, granting Netherlands independent status and acceptance of trade in Indonesia. A humanist scholar, Louise was influenced by Grotius, whose classic Freedom of the Seas was published a month before the treaty.


"It will be, Monsieur, a great good and an advancement for the glory of God if these people make a good decision." (letter to diplomat Duplessis-Mornay, Oct. 2, 1609, in Jane Couchman and Ann Crab, Women’s Letters Across Europe, p. 174, 2006; photo Wikipedia)