Lucie Colliard


Lucie Colliard (née Parmelan) born St. Félix, Upper Savoy, France January 24, 1877 (d. 1961). Pacifist and socialist activist. Opposed World War; removed from her teaching position for her pacifism, 1917. Arrested and given two-year prison sentence for “anti-militarism,” 1918, but later pardoned. Joined French Communist Party, 1920. Led “The Beautiful Strike of Women” in Brittany, 1925. Treasurer of the Organizing Committee of the Rally against War & the Union Sacrée, 1935. Signed manifesto against war, 1938. Resisted German occupation; elected postwar deputy mayor of Clichy for her resistance to the Nazis.


[I would like] to create an understanding among socialists of all countries to impose conditions of peace on all governments.” (1914, in Humanité, Nov. 10, 1998)