Tarja Cronberg


Tarja Cronberg (née Mattila) born Helsinki, Finland June 29, 1943. Finnish Green politician, “a Peace-builder”; Minister of Labor 2007-09; European Parliament member 2011-14, chaired its Iran committee which achieved nuclear control treaty 2015; Director Copenhagen Peace Research Institute 2001-03; vice president International Peace Bureau.


The [Iran treaty] is a small step towards a world free of nuclear weapons. It has, until further notice, reduced the risk of proliferation in the Middle East. The alternative—no deal—would have carried with it a much greater risk of proliferation. It is also an example of how nuclear diplomacy can work in a multilateral context. States do change their behavior, when regime change is not on the table.” (“Diplomacy Can Work”, Sept. 1, 2015; photo tarjacronberg.fi)