Alice May Douglas


Alice May Douglas born Bath, ME June 28, 1865 (d. 1943). Peace activist; poet and children's author. As head of the Women's Christian Temperance Union's Peace and Arbitration branch, actively promoted peace education and peaceful settlement of disputes. Founder and composer of Peace Makers' Band. Published The Peacemaker and a story of Russian Mennonite exiles. Delivered paper "The Inconsistency of Military Drill" for Child Study Conference, Liege.


"[T]wo little boys, who by reading history, had become imbued with war aspirations and were writing essays on war and making pictures to illustrate warfare, were induced to use their talents for peace, and to write for The Acorn." (WCTU Minutes, Nov. 1894, p. 441; photo Mary Livermore, American Women Fifteen Hundred Biographies, 1897, p. 156)