June 28

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1865 Alice May Douglas born Bath, ME (d. 1943). Musical composer and founder of Peace Makers' Band; poet and author "The Peace-Makers" and story of Russian Mennonite exiles. Led Peace and Arbitration branch of Women's Christian Temperance Union; actively promoted peace education and peaceful settlement of disputes. Delivered paper "The Inconsistency of Military Drill" for Child Study Conference, Liege.

  • 1958 Donna Edwards born Yanceyville, NC. Co-founder and first Director of National Network to End Domestic Violence, 1976; US Congresswoman for Maryland 2008-present. Arrested for civil disobedience in Darfur protest, 2009.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1960 Helen Tucker founded and assumed role of president of major Canadian peace organization VOW (Voice of Women). "Mankind must find another way than war to settle international differences."

  • 1976 Women who invaded French military base Larzac arrested.

  • 1981 Canada ended discrimination against First Nation women.

  • 1994 Dorothy Brownold's Nuremberg Action at Concord Naval Weapons Depot ended in her arrest.

  • 2006 Six Granny Peace Brigade protesters arrested at Philadelphia recruiting office. "Hey, take us. Don't take our children and our grandchildren!"

  • 2008 Cape Verde became first government outside Europe to have a female-majority Cabinet.

  • 2011 Five Saudi women arrested for driving in Jeddah.

  • 2014 In Glasgow, four women arrested for climbing 174-foot Finnieston Crane to hoist banner "Resist Mi£itari$m" in protest of Armed Forces Day.

  • 2017 Ellen Barfield arrested for interrupting Senate hearing on torture. “I am a veteran. I am deeply concerned about our soldiers, who are at risk for torture if our nation tortures.”