Beulah Marie Dix


Beulah Marie Dix born Kingston, MA January 24, 1876 (d. 1970). American pacifist playwright, author, and screenwriter. Wrote several antiwar plays opposing WWI: “Across the Border”, 1914, and “Moloch”, 1915. Antiwar pieces for American School Peace League: “A Pageant of Peace”, 1915, “The Enemy”, 1915,“Where War Comes”, 1916. Children’s books include The Glorious Game and Clemency.


On “Moloch”: “[I] tried to show how endless and purposeless war really is when stripped of its imaginary glamour; how it changes men’s very natures and bequathes a legacy of hate to little children.” (May 15, 1915, Chicago Daily News in Women Staging War, Maria Beach, 2004, p. 67; photo Wikipedia)