Abigail Disney


Abigail Disney born North Hollywood, CA January 24, 1960. Filmmaker; peace activist; produced Pray the Devil Back to Hell documentary about women’s peacemaking in Liberia, 2008; PBS “Women, War & Peace” 2011; founded Peace is Loud 2008 featuring women peacemakers; trip to Dem. Repub. Congo 2011 to support women peacemaking; Sri Lanka 2012 to start Sri Lankan Women’s Agenda on Peace; joined Ahava boycott 2012; crossed Korean demarcation line in appeal for peace 2015; International Advocate for Peace award 2011.


[W]ar is a totalizing, uncivilized experience.” (Brainy Quote)

When men talk about war, the stories and terminology vary—it's this battle, these weapons, this terrain. But no matter where you go in the world, women use the same language to speak of war. They speak of fire, they speak of death, and they speak of starvation. . . I think if we understand better the impact of war on women and children, we might be more careful about the wars we start.” (Forbes interview, Aug. 19, 2010)

Peace comes because people make a decision to stop fighting.” (Jesica Berns interview, Oct. 2013; photo alchetron)