December 21

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1874 Gertrude Battles Lane born Saco, ME (d. 1941). Leading national women's magazine editor, publishing many articles on world peace; served on Hoover's World War I food relief efforts.

  • 1892 Rebecca West born London (d. 1983). Internationalist; author.

  • 1894 Dorothy Beecher Baker (d. 1954). Baha'i leader. Internationalist; promoter of League of Nations and UN.

  • 1916 Emma Tenayuca born San Antonio, TX (d. 1999). Chicana labor organizer "La Pasionara de Texas"; Socialist anarchist speaker, often arrested; mobbed, 1939; opposed wars in Korea, Vietnam.

  • 1937 Jane Fonda born Manhattan, NY. American actress. Vietnam War protester, 1969; made visit to Hanoi, July 1972; organized G.I. Office, Free the Army troupe, Indo China Peace Campaign. Twice arrested, accused of treason.

  • 1955 Leyla Yunus born Baku, Azerbaijan. Historian. Azeri peacemaker and human rights activist. Co-founder and Director of Azerbaijan Institute for Peace & Democracy. Awarded Sakharov Freedom Prize, 2014.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1892 First Foremothers' Day dinner organized by Lillie Devereux Blake celebrating women landing at Plymouth.

  • 1981 Greenham women protest.

  • 1989 One World Action founded by Glenys Kinnock.

  • 1992 Three women arrested in protest at Concord Naval Station by Global Peace Farmers.

  • 2002 50 women from Code Pink sang antiwar carols at Rumsfeld house, offering cider and fruitcake. "Bombing kids is NAUGHTY!"