December 22

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1864 Marion Wallace-Dunlop born Inverness, Scotland (d. 1942). Artist; militant suffragist, twice arrested, 1908, 1909; first British hunger strike lasting 91 hours; arrested for smashing windows, 1911.

  • 1915 Edith Wynner born Budapest (d. 2003). Pacifist leader, Campaign for World Government; aide to Rosika Schwimmer; author of study of international organization.

  • 1920 Dorothy Stowe born Providence, RI (d. 2010). Quaker by convincement. Co-founded Don't Make a Wave Committee to protest the Amchitka atomic tests, eventually becoming the organization Greenpeace, 1971.

  • 1929 Barbara Marx Hubbard born New York, NY. Futurist; recipient of Peacebuilder Award, 2005; Soviet-American Citizen Summits, 1980s; 1984 vice-presidential candidate proposed White House "Peace Room."

  • 1932 Maj Britt Theorin born Göteborg, Sweden. Founder of World Women MPs for Peace, 1985; UN delegate, 1976-94; International Peace Bureau president, 1992-2000; member European Parliament, 1999-2004; Swedish Minister of Disarmament.

  • 1945 Barbro Sundback born Ǻland Islands. Finnish legislator, vice-president Nordic Council, 2005; founded Ǻland Peace organization, 1992; opposed Iraq War, nuclear weapons.

  • 1989 Alli McCracken. National coordinator for CODE PINK. As college student, arrested for assault on Defense Secretary Panetta at congressional hearing by showing sign "FUND MY EDUCATION, NOT YOUR WARS," and vocal protest.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1913 Kasturba Gandhi released after 3 months in prison.

  • 1913 Valliamma Mudaliar, age 16, arrested in Gandhi's nonviolent protest Pietermaritzburg.

  • 1955 Dorothy Day convicted of failure to do air raid drill.

  • 2014 20-year-old Tibetan woman Tsepe Kyi died by self-immolation in protest of Chinese occupation.