December 28

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1789 Catharine Sedgwick born Stockbridge, MA (d. 1867). Publication of novel Hope Leslie showed a revised view of the Pequot War, sympathetic to the Indian view, 1827.

  • 1888 Lillie M. Peck born Gloversville, NY (d. 1947). Founder of International Federation of Settlements, 1922; president of IFS, 1947-52; active in postwar reconstruction.

  • 1943 Joan Ruddock born Pontypool, Wales. Chair of Committee for Nuclear Disarmament, 1981-85; member of parliament, 1987; first Junior Minister for Women, 1997; Minister for Energy & Environment, 2009.

  • 1964 Aloisea Inyumba born Ugandan refugee camp (d. 2012). Rwandan senator. First Minister of Family & Gender, 1994-99. Director, National Unity & Reconciliation Commission. Played key role in Rwandan recovery from genocide, overseeing the adoption of 500,000 orphans and the burial of 800,000 dead.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1970 "Conference for a New Peace," 18th WILPF Congress opened, New Delhi. First Asian conference.

  • 1970 Ludmila Javorova ordained priest by Czech bishop Davidek.

  • 1987 Nun Marie Grunke and Joanne Merrigan boarded US Leftwich in Sydney and hammered cruise missile in Australian Plowshares action.

  • 1990 Cheryl Lessin sentenced one year for first protest against Gulf War, Cleveland.

  • 2004 Spanish courts against violence to women established.

  • 2009 Hedy Epstein started fast for Gaza March, Cairo 10 AM.

  • 2009 Tal al-Mallouhi of Homs, Syria, age 17, was jailed for blogging, later accused of spying, and sentenced to 5 years.