December 27

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1894 Annot Jacobi (née Anna Krigar-Menzel) born Berlin, Germany (d. 1981). German pacifist artist of Secessionist school. Opposed World War I; jailed 30 days for antiwar leaflets, 1916. Exiled to Norway, 1916-20. Joined German WILPF following the war. Nazis closed her Berlin art school for not expelling Jewish students, 1933. Exiled to US, where she became a Quaker, 1941. Oversaw distribution of American Friends Service Committee parcels to Germany, 1946. Honorary Chair of Puerto Rico SANE for starting its campaign against nuclear weapons, 1958.

  • 1911 Eileen Egan born Pontypridd, Wales (d. 2000). American nonviolent peace leader; opposed nuclear weapons; promoted refugee relief during WWII; founded Pax Christi, 1972; supported Martin Luther King, Jr. and Cesar Chavez.

  • 1927 Anne Legendre Armstrong born New Orleans, LA (d. 2008). American politician and diplomat; first female ambassador to UK, 1976.

  • 1950 Khadija Ryadi born Taroudant, Morocco. Won UN Human Rights Prize 2013; led Moroccan Human Rights Assn. 2007-14; statistical engineer.

  • 1954 Sabine Lichtenfels born Münster, Germany. Theologian and peace activist. Co-founded nonviolent Tamera Peace Research Village, Alentejo, Portugal, 1995. Nobel Peace Prize nominee, 2005.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1992 Donna Husby and Bonnie Urfer arrested in Ashland County, WI during ELF protest.

  • 1993 Belgrade Women in Black New Year protest: "We mistrust a ‘peace’ based on ‘deals’ made by the nationalist-militaristic elites who have caused this war. We mistrust the so-called mediators who use peace slogans to fan war and ethnic hatred; they are part of the same old patriarchal militaristic machinery. We no longer harbour the illusion that the international community will not apply the logic of violence and the right of the stronger."

  • 2012 Cambodian land rights protester Yorm Bopha sentenced to 3 years prison on false charge of violence.