Annot Jacobi (née Anna Krigar-Menzel) born Berlin, Germany December 27, 1894 (d. 1981). German pacifist artist of Secessionist school. Opposed World War I; jailed 30 days for antiwar leaflets, 1916. Exiled to Norway, 1916-20. Joined German WILPF following the war. Nazis closed her Berlin art school for not expelling Jewish students, 1933. Exiled to US, where she became a Quaker, 1941. Oversaw distribution of American Friends Service Committee parcels to Germany, 1946. Honorary Chair of Puerto Rico SANE for starting its campaign against nuclear weapons, 1958.


Don’t forget: pacifism was much better developed in the Twenties, and yet we had World War II.” (Friends Journal, Jan. 15, 1976, p. 53)