December 30

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1858 Rachel Foster Avery born Pittsburgh, PA (d. 1919). Quaker pacifist; suffragist, right hand to Susan B. Anthony; founded International Council of Women, 1888; co-founded International Women's Suffrage Alliance, 1904; national speaker on peace, 1907.

  • 1923 Sara Lidman born Missenträsk, Sweden (d. 2004). Swedish novelist who visited Hanoi in protest of Vietnam War; endorsed Russell War Crimes Tribunal, 1966; opposed Apartheid.

  • 1946 Patti Smith born Chicago, IL. Rock singer and songwriter; antiwar activist. Spoke and sang against Iraq War; outspoken critic of Afghan War.

  • 1947 Fatima Jibrell born Somalia. Somali-American environmentalist. Founded relief organization Adeso, 1991. Played key role in Women's Coalition for Peace, encouraging women to take increased roles in politics and peacemaking. Awarded Goldman Environmental Prize, 2002.

  • 1948 Marcela Lagarde y de los Ríos born Mexico City, Mexico. Marxist feminist and anthropology professor. Created concept of femicide, murder of women with government complicity. As Congresswoman, investigated femicide, 2004-06.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1833 Female Society of Lynn met at Quaker meetinghouse to protest women shoebinder’s wages.

  • 1970 First WILPF conference in Third World, New Delhi, chaired by Elise Boulding.

  • 1989 “Hands Around Jerusalem” 30,000 surrounded city, organized by women’s peace groups.

  • 1994 Shannon Lowney and Leeann Nichols killed at birth control clinics in Brookline, MA.

  • 2005 Darfurian women presented demands to peace negotiators including participation in disarmament, reconciliation and reparation.