Marcela Lagarde


Marcela Lagarde y de los Ríos born Mexico City, Mexico December 30, 1948. Marxist feminist and anthropology professor. Created concept of femicide, murder of women with government complicity. As Congresswoman, investigated femicide, 2004-06.


There is an undeclared war, called gender violence, of men over women, and the state has been key to the violence. . . We do not fight against violence, but work for PEACE.” (Evangilisers of the Apostles, Nov. 1, 2015)

“Feminism is a proposal of humanity.” (Shelly Grabe, Narrating a Psychology of Resistance, p. 128)

The sum total of crimes against humanity consisting of criminal acts, kidnappings and disappearances affecting girls and women in a context of institutional collapse.” (report of Congress, in Eur. Parliament, Oct. 19, 2007; photo