Henni Forchhammer


Henriette “Henni” Forchhammer born Aalborg, Denmark March 8, 1863 (d. 1955). Danish linguist and internationalist; WILPF founding member. Co-founded Danish National Women’s Council, 1899; served as its president, 1913-31. First woman to address League of Nations, 1920; Danish delegate to League of Nations, 1923-37. Delegate to Hague conference at which women appealed for arbitration, 1907; delegate to Ford peace conference, Stockholm, 1916. Traveled to Syria to aid Armenian refugees; presented petition of 400,000 women for disarmament, 1932.


Gentlemen, I appeal to you to ask your Governments to introduce legislation which prevents traffic of women and children. This traffic is a blot on civilization and is often criticized by nations which we call uncivilized.” (Dec. 15, 1920 to League Assembly; photo Wikipedia)