Louise Franklin-Ramirez


Louise Franklin-Ramirez born Washington DC September 28, 1905 (d. 2003). Peace activist; teacher; began protests at age 12 against Armenian holocaust; founded Toys for Peace campaign; opened stores without war toys; opposed nuclear weapons; mapped 22,000 US nuclear sites; co-founded D.C. Gray Panthers' "Hiroshima-Nagasaki Peace Committee 1981 which brought Hibakusha annually; arrested for Vietnam protests; last arrested age 94 at Supreme Court protesting death penalty 2000, arrested Fort Benning, GA, protesting School of Americas; protested Iraq war age 96; Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience award 1999.


The future of humanity may well rest on our ability to turn the slogan of 'A Nuclear-Free Future' into reality.” (“Deadly Legacy,” with husband John Steinbach; photo prop1.org)