Olga Fierz


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Olga Fierz born Baden, Aargau, Switzerland July 26, 1900 (d. 1990). Swiss teacher and humanitarian; active in Czech Fellowship of Reconciliation and War Resisters International; honored 1964 as Righteous Among The Nations for saving Jewish children in Prague and postwar rehabilitation; co-publisher of pacifist magazine Brotherhood, 1924-42.


The words ‘war’ and ‘peace’ do not have the meaning they once had in the lives of modern peoples. War has become a technical feature of a cruel, mass human slaughterhouse. . . The world of peace is understood to be state of a mere cease-fire of mistrust and hatred, a resting time in which exhaustion collects new forces and new cash for arms. Can we really talk about peace in our world? In a society where you do not ask about exploitation or deceit? Real peace is when Love will live in all hearts, and when everyone will feel like members of one family.” (Brotherhood 1928-9, V pp. 2-3, thesis of Hana Moracová, p. 28; photo righteous among the nations)