February 17

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1812 Ellen Sturgis Hooper born Boston, MA (d. 1848). Transcendentalist poet.

  • 1850 Ann-Margret Holmgren born Uppsala, Sweden (d. 1940). Swedish suffragist; author; pacifist. Advocated peaceful separation of Norway, 1905; Vice-President of Swedish Women’s Peace Society, 1901-10.

  • 1888 Dorothy Kenyon born New York, NY (d. 1972). Lawyer, judge, and civil rights activist. Adviser to Versailles Peace Conference; member of League of Nations, 1938-43, and UN Commissions on Women, 1946-50.

  • 1899 Fuki Kushida born Yamaguchi, Japan (d. 2001). Leading Japanese feminist; anti-nuclear peace advocate. President of Federation of Japanese Women’s Organizations, 1958. Protested US military presence on Okinawa and sexual assaults committed by foreign servicemen.

  • 1902 Marian Anderson born Philadelphia, PA (d. 1993). African-American singer. American Goodwill Ambassador, 1957; US delegate to UN Human Rights Commission, 1958; awarded UN Peace Prize, 1977.

  • 1918 Olive Frances Gibbs born Oxford, England (d. 1995). Pacifist activist and politician. Chaired Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, 1964-67; two-time mayor of Oxford, 1974-75, 1981-82.

  • 1921 Caroline Canafax born Seattle, WA (d. 2011). Peace teacher and activist. International Vice President of WILPF; sang against war with Raging Grannies. Founding editor of Pacific Vision newsletter focused on Asia-Pacific region, 1987.

  • 1935 Sara Ruddick born Toledo, OH (d. 2011). Anti-war feminist philosopher; author of Maternal Thinking: Toward a Politics of Peace, 1989.

  • 1938 Mary Frances Berry born Nashville, TN. African-American historian. Chancellor of University of Colorado Boulder, 1976; Chair of US Civil Rights Commission, 1993-2004. Arrested in anti-Apartheid protest, 1984.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1958 Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament launched at a public meeting at London's Central Hall Westminster. It was followed by a protest at #10 Downing St. attended by Doris Lessing.

  • 2007 100,000 Italian Women marched in protest of US airbase at Vicenza.

  • 2012 150 women protest the arrest of Bahraini women; two foreign women leaders deported.