February 18

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1876 Alma Dolens born Perugia, Italy (d. unknown). Feminist; journalist. Leading Italian peace advocate who organized first Italian women's peace organization. Opposed Italian war against Libya, 1911.

  • 1930 Norma Becker born Bronx, NY (d. 2006). Teacher and protest leader. Founded the anti-Vietnam War protest group, the Fifth Avenue Peace Parade, 1965; founded the anti-nuclear organization Mobilization for Survival, 1977. Chairperson of War Resisters League, 1977-83.

  • 1933 Yoko Ono born Tokyo, Japan. Pacifist singer and artist. Her band, the Plastic Ono Band, released the single "Give Peace a Chance," 1969; established LennonOno peace award, 2002.

  • 1974 Julia Butterfly Hill born Mount Vernon, MO. Spent 738 days living in the redwood tree Luna in civil disobedience protest against logging practices.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1943 Nazis arrested Sophie Scholl for distributing resistance leaflets in Munich.

  • 1960 In Chicago, Eroseanna Robinson received one-year prison sentence for refusing to pay taxes for war.

  • 1980 Danish Women for Peace Appeal: “Arm for Lasting World Peace”

  • 1992 Dr. Linda Reiser discharged from US Army as conscientious objector.

    • 1991 Sadako Ogata appointed UN High Commissioner for Refugees.