February 6

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1887 Florence Luscomb born Lowell, MA (d. 1985). Suffragist; leader of WILPF; MIT-educated architect. Ran for Congress opposing Truman's anti-communism.

  • 1935 Esther Pank (d. 2010). Organized against nuclear arms; facilitated workshops on nonviolent civil disobedience. Led movement which closed nuclear power plant Shoreham, New York. Received War Resisters League 29th Annual Peace Award, 1990.

  • 1937 Agneta Norberg born Sweden. Swedish peace activist; vice president Swedish Peace Council; proposed “Making the North a Zone of Peace” opposing NATO militarization against Russia; arrested 1996 Nevada Test Site; Menwith Hill protest 2002; arresed Jeju South Korea 2012;; organized peace march to Russia in Cold War; opposed all US wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya.

  • 1942 Sarah Brady born Kirksville, MO (d. 2015). Following her husband's paralyzation during an assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan, she spearheaded legislation to implement background checks on gun purchases.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1930 Tsune Gauntlett presented a peace petition bearing the signatures of 750,000 Japanese women to London disarmament conference.

  • 1932 WILPF presented a peace petition bearing 500,000 signatures to President Hoover, Washington DC.

  • 1996 Angie Zetter arrested for trying to damage Indonesian air force plane at aerospace factory, Lancashire.

  • 2000 Tarja Halonen elected President of Finland.

  • 2006 Rosalyn Higgins elected first female president of International Court of Justice.