February 7

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1867 Laura Ingalls Wilder born Pepin, WI (d. 1957). American author.

  • 1894 Maria Dietz born Düsseldorf, Germany (d. 1980). Teacher; pacifist; activist in world peace organization of mothers and teachers, 1930s; worked to ban war toys, and promote international understanding. Two-term member of German parliament, 1949-57.

  • 1926 Jean Melzer born Elsternwick, South Australia (d. 2013). Australian politician; peace activist. Labor Party Senator, 1974-81. Led fight against uranium; candidate for Nuclear Disarmament Party (NDP), 1984; founded Nuclear Free Australia Party, 1985.

  • 1927 Juliette Gréco born Montpellier, France. French singer and actress. “Muse of the Existentialists.” Member of Movement of Peace; sponsor of Committee for Education for Nonviolence and Peace. Arrested by Gestapo for resistance, 1943. Sang in Chile in opposition to dictator Pinochet.

  • 1979 Tawakkol Karman born Taiz, Yemen. Nonviolent leader of Yemeni revolution during 2011 Arab Spring movement; repeatedly arrested. Shared Nobel Peace Prize with Leymah GboweeEllen Johnson Sirleaf, 2011; first Arab woman Nobel recipient; youngest Nobel Peace Laureate.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1983 Greenham Women invaded base to protest visit of Defense Secretary Michael Heseltine.

  • 1989 South African Women Against War opposed military service.

  • 1993 Women's Tribunal against Rape in War convened in Zagreb, Croatia.

  • 2003 In New York's Central Park, 30 women lay naked in 5-inch snow, spelling out “NO BUSH” to protest the Iraq War.