Carmen María Gallardo Hernández


Carmen María Gallardo Hernández born San Salvador, El Salvador November 28, 1947. Salvadorian diplomat; sponsored first International Forum on Culture of Peace, El Salvador 1993; representative to UNESCO 1992-4; Executive Director Salvadoran Foundation for Peace 1995-6; chair UN Development Program 2005; founding vice chair UN Peacebuilding Commission 2006; chair UN Commission on Status of Women 2006; first Salvadorian woman ambassador to UN 2007-12; member Core Group of International Task Force on Preventive Diplomacy 2007.


[R]esolution 1325 was a cornerstone for an appeal for women’s equal participation in all peace and security initiatives and in post-conflict reconstruction and reconciliation. Resolution 1325 emphasized the need to boost women’s role in conflict prevention and resolution. In El Salvador’s post-conflict situation, men and women experienced peace in different ways.  In the context of armed conflict and in peacebuilding processes, one may wonder whether gender roles and relations were different, since men and women adapted differently to situations. Resolution 1325 allowed for the consideration of situations in a broad, gender-based manner.” (UN Security Council, June 19, 2008; photo Wikipedia)