Virginia Gamba


Virginia Gamba born San Martín, Argentina April 13, 1954. Argentine professor, expert in disarmament; UN Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict 2017; UN Assistant Secretary for Chemical Weapons in Syria 2016; Director UN Disarmament 2012-4; Expert consultant on African Small Arms 2007-9; Director UN Inst. of Disarmament Research 1992-96.


Disarmament and arms control help to reinforce [UN’s] primary norms—namely, the prohibition of the threat or use of force, and the duty to resolve disputes by peaceful means. All of these have to be pursued together because they are mutually reinforcing. Disarmament, peace, security, and human welfare are not alternatives—they function together to improve the quality of life on this planet.” (UN Office of Disarmament, Sept. 18, 2013; photo Univ. Central Okla.)