V. Mohini Giri


V. Mohini Giri born Lucknow, India January 15, 1938. National women’s rights leader; peace activist. Professor and founder of women’s studies department, Lucknow University. Member of Sarojini Naidu’s Child Brigade. Founding president, War Widows Association, 1971. Founder Trustee, Women’s Initiative for Peace in South Asia (WIPSA), seeking peace with Pakistan, 2000. Beaten while trying to save a girl from molestation, 2014.


The building of peace is a constructive activity. There is nothing passive about either the concept or the state of peace.” (World People’s Blog)

"We can form a union of consensus in South Asia with common cultural heritage. War should be waged collectively against trafficking and migration of women and children and crisis of livelihood of people of broader South Asia." (May 14, 2002 in Women Living Under Muslim Laws)