January 15

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1810 Abby Kelley Foster born Pelham, MA (d. 1887). Quaker orator; tax resister; abolitionist; suffragist. Co-founded world's first nonviolent society, the New England Non-Resistance Society.

  • 1860 Katharine Bement Davis born Buffalo, NY (d. 1935). Economist; penal reformer; acclaimed for Sicily earthquake relief, 1909; opponent of international white slave trade.

  • 1883 Kathleen Innes born Reading, England (d. 1967). Quaker; British WILPF leader; WILPF international co-chair, 1937; author and speaker on League of Nations and disarmament.

  • 1914 Sylvia Johnstone Easton born Alberta, Canada (d. 1990). Human rights leader; advocate for aboriginal Canadians and the homeless.

  • 1925 Mirta Acuña de Barravalle born Argentina. Human rights activist; one of founding 14 Mothers of the Plaza of May 1977 whose pregnant daughter disappeared; also founder of Grandmothers of the Plaza.

  • 1945 Concepcion Picciotto born Vigo, Spain (d. 2016). Maintained the longest-running US peace vigil, located outside the White House, from 1981 until her death.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1921 Harriot Stanton Blatch led the New England Women's Club to declare resolution, "[T]he commanding cause of ours is the war against war."

  • 1962 Ruth Gage-Colby organized the first, and largest, international protest by Women Strike for Peace, as 3,000 women marched in the rain to White House.

  • 1965 Quebec-Guantanamo Walkers, including Barbara Deming, released from Albany, GA jail after nonviolent protest.

  • 1968 5,000 women of Jeannette Rankin Brigade march on Washington, DC in, "call to American women to end the Vietnam War."

  • 1969 In New York, 1,000 Women Strike for Peace members picketed the Hotel Pierre, demanding that Nixon stop the war.

  • 1983 44 Greenham women sentenced to 14 days jail for dancing on missile silos.

  • 2006 Michelle Bachelet elected president of Chile.