Roberta Jull


Roberta Jull (née Stewart) born Glasgow, Scotland August 16, 1872 (d. 1961). Australian physician and social reformer. Internationalist; leader of League of Nations Union. Delegate to League of Nations, 1929. One of 200 women who presented an international petition for peace bearing more than nine million signatures to the World Disarmament Conference, Geneva, 1932.


“I do not think that on that day any of us felt arrogant or national. We were conscious of standing there, not as English women, or German women, or Swiss women but simply as women—women who had one desire, the furthering of peace. This must have been realized by those present. Not only did several of the chief delegates. . . refer in their first speeches to the women’s manifestation, but many of them told us afterwards that the presenting of our Declaration was one of the most inspiring scenes they had ever witnessed.

And this was true, but it was not we, the two hundred us present, who made that scene inspiring. The inspiration came from the invisible, silent multitude who stood behind. . . ” (Alison McKinnon, Love and Freedom, 1997, p. 214; photo