Mary Evelyn Jegen


Mary Evelyn Jegen born Chicago, IL February 15, 1928 (d. 2014). History professor; Catholic scholar; Sister of Notre Dame de Namur. Began peace advocacy while helping students register as conscientious objectors against the Vietnam War; first executive director Bread for the World Educational Fund, 1976. Founded Pax Christi USA, 1975; National Director of Pax Christi USA, 1979-82; Vice-president of Pax Christi International, 1984-90. Maintained 24-day prayer vigil at White House during Gulf War, 1990; arrested in Iraq War sit-in, Cincinnati, 2006.


"Our vocation is to make visible God's own response to violence. . . It is God who wants to express love, justice, mercy and forgiveness in us. Making God's love visible means inventing ways to let others know that we really care about them, will really labor for their happiness." (Pax Christi, Nancy Small, July 9, 2014; photo Pax Christi)