July 23

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1869 Florence Guertin Tuttle born Brooklyn, NY (d. 1951). Internationalist; feminist and suffragist; author of Alternatives to War, 1931; Women’s Peace Party member opposing World War I; Chaired Women's Pro-League Council 1920; birth-control leader; popular speaker on disarmament and international organization; delegate to Geneva Disarmament Conference 1932.

  • 1917 Barbara Deming born New York, NY (d. 1984). Nonviolent activist and writer; lesbian; first arrested 1962 against atom bomb; arrested in civil rights protest Albany GA 1964; Seneca Peace Camp 1984.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1896 Women of Zaragoza, Spain protested the conscription of their sons and husbands to fight in the war against Cuba. “Down with the War!”

  • 1916 Women's Peace Crusade gathering of 5,000 organized by Helen Crawfurd in Glasgow, Scotland.

  • 1956 13th WILPF Congress, Birmingham, England. "WILPF in the Atomic Age" resolution on "The Sacredness of Human Life" against capital punishment and war.

  • 1976 Women textile workers at Dong II plant Seoul stripped naked to oppose police attack, beaten, 76 arrested in protest against election interference.

  • 1986 "Women Unite for Justice and Peace" 23d WILPF Congress, Woudschoten-Zeist, (Utrecht), Netherlands.

  • 1998 Greenham Women Sarah Higginson and Peggy Walford sentenced two years prison for cutting fence.

  • 2013 Three women arrested for chaining themselves to machinery to protest tar sands pipeline, Stockbridge, MI; they were convicted and imprisoned for one year.

  • 2014 Rebecca Vilkomerson, head of Jewish Voice for Peace, arrested at New York sit-in against Gaza invasion.

  • 2014 In New York, seven women arrested in drone protest at Hancock AFB.