July 24

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1897 Amelia Earhart born Atchison, KS (d. 1937). Famous aviator; lifelong pacifist. After seeing a Canadian soldier amputee, she volunteered as nurse in World War I, 1918. Promoted peace on national speaking tours.

  • 1920 Bella Abzug born Bronx, NY (d. 1998). Feminist and civil rights legislator. Founded Women Strike for Peace, 1961. Democrat member of Congress, 1971-77; introduced resolution on Vietnam on first day in Congress, 1971.

  • 1942 Julia Vadala Taft born Governors Island, New York (d. 2008). International humanitarian crisis manager. Oversaw US settlement of Vietnam refugees. Assistant Secretary of State for Population & Migration, 1997-2001; UN Director of Crisis Prevention, 2001-04.

  • 1966 Aminatou Haidar born Akka, Western Sahara, Morocco. β€œTne Sahrawi Gandhi.” Abducted by Moroccan authorities while participating in nonviolent demonstration for Saharan independence, 1987; held without trial, imprisoned, tortured and eventually released, 1991.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1292 Blessed Cunegund, Queen of Poland who became a Poor Clare; credited with nonviolent repulsion of Tartar attack on Pyenin Castle, 1287.

  • 1780 Warrant of arrest issued for Shaker Mary Partington for her refusal to support arms in American Revolution; jailed three months.

  • 1868 Marie Goegg-Pouchoulin founded first international women's peace society, Geneva.

  • 1983 At Greenham Common, women tagged American warplane with anti-nuclear graffiti.

  • 2013 CEDAW urged that Arms Trade Treaty consider impact on women. "A strong ATT should have as its primary purpose the prevention of human suffering especially among women and children, caused by the proliferation and illicit trade of arms."