July 28

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1855 Louisine Havemeyer born New York, NY (d. 1929). Socially prominent art collector; suffragist leader, speaker and financier arrested jailed 5 days for leading protesters burning effigy of Pres. Wilson at White House 1919; co-founder National Women's Party 1916.

  • 1879 Lucy Burns born Brooklyn, NY (d. 1966). Most arrested suffrage leader, co-leader with Alice Paul; opposed World War I; co-founded Women's Peace Society 1917; organized Washington suffrage parade; held first peace vigil at White House; beaten and force-fed in Occoquan prison.

  • 1924 Anne Braden born Louisville, KY (d. 2006). Peace and justice journalist; anti-racism leader; first arrested 1951 in protest against execution of Willie McGee, a black man convicted of rape; convicted and exonerated of dynamiting Wade house Louisville 1954.

  • 1946 Fahmida Riaz born Meerut, British India. Pakistani poet and feminist. Persecuted and exiled by military regime, 1981-88. Founded Women and Development Association WADA (“A Promise”), working for peace and women’s rights, 1994. Promoted friendship with India.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1893 Kate Sheppard submitted Monster Petition for vote, signed by quarter of New Zealand women.

  • 1922 Peace Day marking start of WWI organized by Alice Park, San Francisco.

  • 1988 Laure Moghaizel organized peace vigil against civil war, Beirut.

  • 1992 Helen LaValley, 81-year-old blind nun sentenced for Easter Sunday protest at SAC base Wurtsmith Michigan; closed that year.

  • 2008 In Addis Ababa, the Nobel Women's Initiative called for an end to the Darfur war.

  • 2010 Hooligan Sparrow led women with red umbrellas in protest to legalize prostitution, Wuhan, China.

  • 2012 Sister Megan Rice, age 82, invaded Oak Ridge nuclear weapons depot and poured blood on uranium.