July 29

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1871 Cornelia Ramondt-Hirschmann born The Hague (d. ?). Founder WILPF; on team of women's appeal to heads of states (tsar of Russia, kings of Sweden and Denmark) for peace, 1915; hosted WILPF Emergency conference for " new peace" 1922; WILPF international co-chair 1936-7; headed Netherlands Theosophical Society 1927-30.

  • 1877 Michi Kawai born Yamada, Japan (d. 1953). Japanese internationalist, pacifist; "The greatest woman leader in Japan"; Secretary of YWCA; leader of Fellowship of Reconciliation; President of Japan Peace Society 1931-3 opposing Manchurian war; labored to avoid war with US.

  • 1890 Elisabeth von Thadden born Mohrungen, E. Prussia (d. 1944). Aristocrat schoolmistress; illegally welcomed Jews and read Psalms. Beheaded by Nazis, Berlin, 1944.

  • 1963 Alexandra Paul born Manhattan, NY. American actress and athlete, twice arrested for civil disobedience in protest against Iraq War; jailed 5 days; dozen arrests for peaceful protest at Nevada Test Site; Great Peace March for global nuclear disarmament across US 1986; sponsored aid to South Africa and Guatemala.

  • 1979 Nadja Halilbegovich born Sarajevo, Bosnia. Author and poet; musician; peace activist and lecturer; wounded age 12 Sarajevo.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1917 Women's Peace Demonstration, Birmingham England 300 women join Peace Crusade.

  • 1919 Gandhi inspired by Mass meeting London celebrating liberation of first suffrage fasters.

  • 1983 Barbara Deming arrested at Seneca NY arms depot.

  • 2006 Five Code Pink protesters arrested at White House for protest against British Prime Minister's support of war.

  • 2013 In Jayapura, Indonesia, twenty women jumped into police van holding nine independence protesters, resulting in release of all.