July 30

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1880 Rosalia Gwis-Adami born Edolo, Italy (d. 1930). Italian peace leader; novelist and journalist; co-founded pacifist Society of Young Italian Women 1909; supported European unity and League of Nations.

  • 1891 Mary Albee Chesley AKA Tarabehn born Nova Scotia, Canada (d. 1936). Canadian Gandhian. Served as itinerant banker to rural women; raised funds for Russian and Chinese famine relief, aid to German children; Quaker family; died of pneumonia on pilgrimage to Hindu Buddhist holy site Badri-Kedar on Tibetan frontier. Described by Gandhi as, “one of the noblest women had the good fortune to meet.”

  • 1933 Ada Aheroni (née Andrée Yadid) born Cairo, Egypt. Israeli peace poet, novelist; founding president International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace (IFLAC) 1999.

  • 1939 Eleanor Smeal born Ashtabula, OH. Founded Feminist Majority 1987 supporting women's equality, reproductive rights and non-violence; President of NOW 1977-82; opposed Vietnam War and Iraq War 2002; arrested 1987 at protest at Vatican embassy DC; arrested at White House 1992 for abortion protest.

  • 1940 Mary E. King born New York, NY. Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies at the UN University for Peace, Costa Rica. Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) activist, 1962-66. Deputy director of American domestic volunteer agency ACTION, overseeing Peace Corps and VISTA, 1977-81.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1913 Barcelona women led strike of textile workers.

  • 1927 First Grassroots campaign of Women’s Peace Union for Outlawry of War started in North Dakota.

  • 1980 International Women’s Conference Copenhagen ended with resolution on peace.

  • 1993 Seneca Falls Walk to Waterloo NY. Barbara Deming and 52 other women arrested.

  • 1996 Four Plowshares women acquitted for damage to Indonesian warplanes, Liverpool.

  • 2011 30th WILPF Congress, San José, Costa Rica, through Aug. 6.

  • 2012 Hanna Poddig chained herself to rail track to block uranium shipment, Gronau, Germany.

  • 2014 In Washington DC, nine Code Pink protesters arrested at the Israeli Embassy in Gaza protest.