Cornelia Ramondt-Hirschmann


Cornelia Ramondt-Hirschmann born The Hague July 29, 1871 (d.). WILPF founding member; on team of women's appeal to heads of states for peace 1915: tsar of Russia, kings of Sweden and Denmark; hosted WILPF Emergency conference for "new peace" 1922; WILPF international co-chair 1936-7; headed Netherlands Theosophical Society 1927-30.


On sending flowers to wounded British soldiers: "[U]nderstanding how it might for a time at least lead the thoughts of all these wounded and suffering men in a direction different from the horrors and misery they had been going through and remind them of those women who are giving the best of their powers towards the bringing back of the feelings of brotherhood and internationalism that have for the time being, so sadly been supplanted by hatred and antagonism." (1915 Bericht Rapport of women at the Hague; 1924 photo Swarthmore Peace Col.)