July 6

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1815 Harriet Minot Pitman born Haverhill, MA (d. 1888). Active abolitionist; "Inquirer after Truth" favoring interracial marriage 1833; Quaker; intimate friend of poet John G. Whittier.

  • 1847 Katherine Tingley born Newbury, MA (d. 1929). Absolute pacifist; Theosophist leader who founded International Brotherhood League 1897, Parliament of Peace 1913.

  • 1906 Colette Audry born Orange, Vaucluse, France (d. 1990). French novelist, film writer, and radical critic. Pacifist, feminist, militant socialist. Advocated negotiation rather than war in Algeria; close friend and subject of Beauvoir.

  • 1920 Elise M. Boulding born Oslo, Norway (d.2010). Quaker sociologist and "Mother of Peace Research; International chair of WILPF 1977-80; opposed Vietnam War by illegally aiding North Vietnamese Red Cross 1967.

  • 1921 Josefina García de Noia “Pepa Noia” born Barrio Norte, Buenos Aires, Argentina (d. 2015). Argentine human rights leader; one of 14 founding Mothers of the Plaza of May after military disappeared her daughter.

  • 1938 Inge Genefke born Copenhagen. Danish doctor rehabilitater of torture victims; won Right Livelihood Award 1988.

  • 1942 Kitty Piercy born Tampa, FL. Peace Corps volunteer Ethiopia; mayor of Eugene, OR; sponsored antiwar resolution US Mayors 2011.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1919 First postwar peace mission arrived Berlin: Aletta Jacobs of WILPF and 4 Quakers.

  • 1944 Irene Morgan's arrest for not sitting in back of bus led to Supreme Court ban on Jim Crow law.

  • 1963 Joanne Collier arrested for protest at Griffis AFB, Rome NY against nuclear weapons.

  • 1986 Heartland Peace Pilgrimage: 25 Catholic women's groups converge at Strategic Air Command, Omaha.

  • 1992 Three women sentenced for protest at Wurtsmith AFB.

  • 2012 Dr. Fatima Al-Mattar beaten by Kuwait police when she defended Bedoon protester.