July 5

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1822 Emily Annette Taylor born Havre, France (d. 1904). Quaker abolitionist delegate to first World's Anti-Slavery Convention London 1840; active suffragist; educated her son Frederick, who became "Father of management efficiency."

  • 1839 Hannah Johnston Bailey born Cornwall-on-the-Hudson, NY (d. 1923). Quaker head of Peace & Arbitration Department of Women's Christian Temperance Union, 1887-1916. Editor of two peace publications, Pacific Banner and The Acorn, 1889-1895. Member of Women’s Peace Party and WILPF.

  • 1852 Clara Zetkin born Weiderau, Saxony (d. 1933). German Communist leader. As oldest member of Reichstag, she opposed Hitler.

  • 1876 Marie-Louise Puech born Castres, France (d. 1966). French feminist; pacifist. General secretary (and later president) of Union Féminine Française pour la Société des Nations, 1920. Helped rescue Jewish refugees in France during WWII.

  • 1898 Zelda Popkin born Brooklyn, NY (d. 1983). Author.

  • 1899 Anna Arnold Hedgeman born Marshalltown, IA (d. 1990). Nonviolent black activist and educator; co-organizer of March on Washington 1963; first woman in New York City cabinet 1954.

  • 1905 Madeleine Sylvain-Bouchereau born Port-au-Prince, Haiti (d. 1970). Haitian sociologist, lawyer and feminist; international educator; actively opposed US occupation. First woman to run for Senate 1957; arrested by Duvalier, and exiled.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1909 First Suffragist Hunger Strike in Britain by Marion Dunlap, 91 hours.

  • 1915 Jane Addams spoke at Carnegie Hall after trip to Europe. "This war was an old man's war; that the young men who were dying, the young men who were doing the fighting, were not the men who wanted the war."

  • 2007 “Women Making Air Waves of Peace” Engendering Peace Journalism, Cotabato, Mindanao, Philippines.

  • 2011 Fartuun Adan founded Sister Somalia rape crisis center, Mogadishu.

  • 2013 Dr. Alaa Murabit began Noor campaign in Libya to spread Koran’s message of nonviolence.