July 4

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1866 Anita Mccormick Blaine born Manchester, VT (d. 1954). Chicago philanthropist. Founded World Citizens Association to build unity worldwide, 1939. Published progressive newspaper Daily Compass, 1949-52; financed Foundation for World Government, 1950; founded New World Foundation for peace and progressive causes, 1954.

  • 1911 Elizabeth Wanamaker Peratrovich born Petersburg, AK (d. 1958). Tlingit human rights leader who achieved Anti-Discrimination Act 1945.

  • 1909 Madeleine Barot born Châteauroux, France (d. 1995). French theologian in World War II Resistance, aiding escape of Jews, Roma and political opponents of Hitler; ecumenical scholar; opponent of torture; founded Creators of Peace 1991.

  • 1924 Marie Bohlen born Pennsylvania, PA (d. 2014). Quaker artist. Called "a founding mother of Greenpeace"; inspired protest against Amchitka atomic tests, 1971.

  • 1935 Joan Ecklein. Peace activist and author. Professor of Sociology, University of Massachusetts. Expert on community organization. Co-founded Women's Strike for Peace, opposing Vietnam War and nuclear weapons, 1961. Co-president of WILPF Boston.

  • 1948 Margaret Behan born Watonga, OK. Artist. Native American founder of Cheyenne Elders Council. Member of International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.

  • 1963 Solange “Sonia” Pierre born Villa Altagracia, San Cristobal, Dominican Republic (d. 2011). Dominican-Haitian human rights leader; arrested age 13 for 5 day Haitian workers protest; won case in Inter-American Human Rights court on racial discrimination 2005; founded MUDHA (Movement of Dominico-Haitian Women) 1983; UNESCO Human Rights Education award 2002; Amnesty International Sagan prize 2003; Kennedy Human Rights prize 2007; US Women of Courage award 2011.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • Feast Day of St. Isabel Queen of Portugal, "the Peacemaker," honored by Azoreans for her compassion for the poor; made peace 1323, 1336; died on peace mission July 4, 1336.

  • 1876 Declaration of Rights of Women, Philadelphia read by Susan B. Anthony, written by Matilda Joslyn Gage"We ask justice, we ask equality, we ask that all the civil and political rights that belong to citizens of the United States, be guaranteed to us and our daughters forever."

  • 1925 Declaration of Independence from the Tyranny of War by Women's Peace Union (written by Mary Winsor). "It behooves the human race to abolish War before War abolishes the human race."

  • 1966 Marjorie Swann Edwin arrested Independence Hall in protest against Vietnam War.

  • 1969 Women Against Daddy Warbucks shredded draft files at Rockefeller Center.

  • 1981 Women's Declaration of Independence included first civil disobedience led by Sonia Johnson and 50 women Washington DC.

  • 1982 Anne Bennis, Judy Beaument, and Anne Montgomery staged Trident Nein Plowshares Protest, damaging US submarine New London.

  • 1983 Greenham Women's week of protest by local women.

  • 1983 Duck Action at Greenlake by Puget Sound Women's Peace Camp.

  • 1983 Seneca NY Peace Camp established at Romulus, NY; 2000 women surrounded army base.

  • 2004 Josie Lee arrested for invading munitions plant Benalla, Victoria, Australia.

  • 2006 Chloe Jon-Paul arrested for invading DC parade with protest to Bring the Troops Home Now.

  • 2006 Diane Wilson and 4,000 Code Pink Women began fast for "Troops Home Fast" from Iraq.

  • 2011 Sandra Kneen arrested for kayak blocking Greek coast guard seizure of Gaza Freedom Flotilla “Tahrir” off Crete.

  • 2012 Women's rights activist Farida Afridi gunned down Peshawar, Pakistan.