Luisa Morgantini


Luisa Morgantini born Villadossola, Piedmont, Italy November 5, 1940. Leader of Italian peace movement; trade union leader. Co-founded Italian Women in Black. Spokeswoman for Italian Association for Peace; head of its Palestine Group working for peace, 1994-99. Member of European United Left/Nordic Green Left in European Parliament, 1999-2009; Vice-President of European Parliament, 2007-09. Injured by Israeli troops in Bilin, Palestine during nonviolent protest, 2008; arrested and beaten, 2010. Published Beyond the Dance of Death: No to War, No to Terrorism, 2004. Awarded Women in Black Peace Prize, 1995; Colomba d'Oro per la Pace (Golden Peace Dove), 2002; Rebuilding Alliance Peacemaker Award, 2008.


"We need an international UN observation and protection mission with peacekeeping troops to be sent to Gaza. . . Those under attack need protection and assistance. The international community has a duty to protect civilians, to stop the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, put an end to house demolitions and the destruction of infrastructure." (Nov. 19, 2006; photo