Rose Macaulay


Rose Macaulay born Rugby, England August 1, 1881 (d. 1958). Popular British author of war novels Non-Combatants and Others (1916), What Not: A Prophetic Comedy (1918); internationalist who promoted League of Nations, Mystery at Geneva (1922); sponsored Peace Pledge Union; pacifist pamphleteer.


"You truly point out that war is only a symptom of the whole horrid business of human behavior, and cannot be isolated, and that we shall not, even if we abolish war, abolish hate and greed. So might it have been argued about slave emancipation, that slavery was but one aspect of human disgustingness, and that to abolish it would not end the barbarity that causes it. But did the abolitionists therefore waste their breath? And do we waste ours now in protesting against war?" (An Open Letter to a Non-Pacifist, p. 8, 1937; photo Spartacus Educational)