March 16

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1886 Ellen Starr Brinton born West Chester, PA (d. 1954). Quaker; internationalist; feminist; early leader of WILPF. Founded Swarthmore Peace Collection, 1935.
  • 1891 Marcelle Capy born Cherbourg, France (d. 1962). French journalist and public speaker. Founded anti-war feminist weekly La Vague, 1916.

  • 1933 Maya John Ingty born Assam, India. Indigenous Karbi peacemaker.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1919 Following the death of Hamidah Khalil by a British bullet, approximately 150-300 upper-class women, both Christian and Muslim, marched through the streets of Cairo in protest.

  • 1965 Alice Herz immolated herself in protest against Vietnam War. "I choose the illuminating death of a Buddhist to protest against a great country trying to wipe out a small country with no reason."

  • 1972 Librarian Zoia Horn refused to testify against antiwar activists, for which she was jailed 20 days.

  • 1983 Comiso women protesters released and deported by Italian government.

  • 1988 Helen Woodson protested nuclear weapons by walking out of Alderson Prison.

  • 2003 Rachel Corrie killed by Israeli bulldozer at Rafah, Gaza. "I really can't believe that something like this can happen in the world without a bigger outcry about it. It really hurts me. . . to witness how awful we can allow the world to be."