May 10

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1939 Jean Houston born Brooklyn, NY. Humanistic psychologist; trainer for UN Development Program Bangladesh. Published Manual for the Peacemaker, 1997.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1866 First national Women's Suffrage association formed, American Equal Rights Association, with Lucretia Mott as president.

  • 1899 First international women’s peace rally organized by Margarethe Selenka, Munich.

  • 1967 In Stockholm, Simone de Beauvoir, as a member of the International War Crimes Tribunal, condemned US actions in Vietnam as genocide and torture.

  • 1992 Wendy Bobbitt and two children age 9 and 5 crossed line at Strategic Air Command Offutt base, Omaha, to be arrested; she spent 90 days in jail.

  • 2007 Iraqi women launched peace movement, Balad al-Salam Bas lil Unf (“Abode of Peace. . . No More Violence”) to promote peace and put an end to violence and random killings.

  • 2013 Guatemalan Attorney General Paz y Paz successfully prosecuted General Rios Montt for genocide.

  • 2015 Women’s Resistance to Extremism and Terrorism & their Struggle for Rights, Peace & Security forum held in Erbil, Iraq.