November 21

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1870 Mary Johnston born Buchanan, VA (d. 1936). Popular novelist; pacifist opponent of World War I; member of WILPF; member of Fellowship of Reconciliation; suffragist; pioneer against lynching; Theosophist.

  • 1897 Mollie Steimer born Dunaevtsky, Russia (d. 1980). Anarchist; opposed US involvement in World War I; sentenced to 15 years imprisonment; deported, 1921, by Russia and Vichy.

  • 1899 Louise Yim born Korea (d. 1971). First South Korean representative to UN General Assembly, 1947; independence leader; first female member of parliament; founding president of women's college, 1934.

  • 1927 Barbara Rütting born Ludwigsfelde-Wietstock, Brandenburg, Germany. German film actress and author; animal rights advocate. Early member of Green Party, 1982; resigned from party as pacifist after Green support of NATO bombing of Kosovo, 1999.

  • 1943 Marlo Thomas born Detroit, MI. Antiwar actress; co-founder of Ms. Foundation, 1973; awarded Helen Caldicott Award for Nuclear Disarmament.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1911 British suffragists did mass smashing of windows of the press, businesses, and government offices.

  • 1917 Occoquan Prison began force-feeding of suffragettes Lucy Burns and Dora Lewis.

  • 1961 Mildred Olmsted organized first meeting of Soviet and US women at Bryn Mawr College; called for "complete disarmament."

  • 1966 NOW founded in Chicago.

  • 1991 Betsy Wright's 1982 Toyota auctioned by IRS for $451 unpaid war taxes at Westover Field.

  • 1993 Conference on "Women, Violence & Nonviolent Action" sponsored by World Council of Churches through 25th.