November 26

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1792 Sarah Moore Grimké born Charleston, SC (d. 1873). Quaker; nonviolent abolitionist; anarchist.

  • 1827 Ellen Gould White born Gorham, ME (d. 1915). Founder of pacifist Seventh Day Adventists, 1863; founded Loma Linda Hospital, 1909; abolitionist.

  • 1910 Jeannette Vermeersch (née Julie Vermeersch) born La Madaleine, Nord, France (d. 2001). French Communist leader who consistently opposed wars; demanded Immediate Withdrawal from Vietnam 1950; opposed nuclear weapons in France 1949; opposed Algerian War; against German rearmament 1957; openly opposed Russian invasion of Hungary 1957.

  • 1929 Elinore Dannenberg Taylor born Huntington, WV (d. 2014). Playwright; English professor; Co-Chair Tri-State Peace Fellowship. Opposed Vietnam War, Contra aid; promoted Nuclear Freeze; arrested at Capitol for Contra protest.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1924 Eglantyne Jebb's Declaration of the Rights of the Child adopted by League of Nations.

  • 1926 Finnish WILPF founded by Maikki Friberg.

  • 1945 First World Congress of Women, Paris; 800 women dedicated to peace of communist lands.

  • 2013 Colombian President Santos named Nigeria Renteria and Maria Riveros as delegates to peace talks between FARC and the Colombian government.

  • 2010 Zimbabwe Supreme Court ruled women protesters were illegally arrested.