November 25

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1830 Lina Morgenstern born Breslau, Silesia (d. 1909). German Jewish feminist and peace advocate; educator; founder of kitchens for the poor, 1866.

  • 1865 Alice Ames Winter born Albany, NY (d. 1944). Novelist; head of national women's club GFWC, 1920-24. Only woman adviser to successful Washington Naval Disarmament Conference, 1921.

  • 1890 Gertrud Baer born Hamburg, Germany (d. 1981). German-American feminist; pacifist; delegate to WILPF conference Hague, 1919; International President WILPF, 1932-37; head of Equal Rights International, Open Door International for Economic Emancipation of the Woman Worker.

  • 1900 Helen Gahagan Douglas born Boonton, NJ (d. 1980). US Delegate to UN General Assembly, 1946; Calif. Representative on House Foreign Affairs; resisted Cold War and HUAC; Honorary Co-Chair of WILPF; promoted UN control of nuclear weapons; helped write Marshall Plan.

  • 1915 Ruth Sivard (née Leger) born Queens, New York (d. 2015). American sociologist, economist, and arms expert. The Nixon administration discontinued her official reports on arms for US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, leading to her resignation, 1971. Founded World Priorities non-profit organization, which published “World Military and Social Expenditures”, 1974-96; “Women. . . a World Survey”.

  • 1950 Rachel Carey-Harper born San Jose, CA. Quaker; founder of Clothesline Project against violence towards women, Hyannis, 1990.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PROTEST AGAINST VIOLENCE TO WOMEN Set by Latin American women feminists, Bogota, in memory of Mirabel sisters killed this day by Trujilo in Dominican Republic, 1960.

  • 1996 Start of La Ruta Pacifica de las Mujeres (“Women's Peaceful Road”) movement: 2,000 women protested Colombia's ongoing civil conflict, Mutatá, Colombia.

  • 1999 2,000 women from La Ruta Pacifica de las Mujeres (“Women's Peaceful Road”) protested Colombia's ongoing civil conflict, Cartagena, Colombia.

  • 2005 Maputo Protocol on African Women's Rights effective.

  • 2008 UN starts campaign to stop violence against women. "Violence against women can never be tolerated." - Ban Ki-moon

  • 2009 Start of 16 Days Campaign on Militarism and Violence against Women.

  • 2014 1,000 Israeli women members of Women Wage Peace rode peace train to Gaza border town Sderot to advocate for women's participation in new peace discussions.