November 24

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1875 Lola Maverick Lloyd born Castroville, TX (d. 1944). Pacifist; suffragist; founder WILPF and Womens Peace Party, 1915; organized expedition of Ford Peace ship, 1915; mother of world government advocate Georgia Lloyd.

  • 1885 Anna Louise Strong born Friend, Nebraska (d. 1970). American journalist; pacifist; Socialist. Opposed WWI militarism and draft; defended conscientious objectors; arrested and tried for anti-conscription stand, not convicted by hung jury. Worked with AFSC Volga famine relief, 1921; long-time supporter of Communist China.

  • 1912 Nela Martínez born Colloctor, Cañar, Ecuador (d. 2004). Defender of international human rights. Co-founded Alianza Femenina Ecuatoriana (Ecuadorian Women's Alliance), 1937. Communist leader of Glorious May Revolution, overthrowing dictator Carlos Arroyo del Rio, 1944. First woman in Ecuadorian parliament, 1944-45.

  • 1961 Arundhati Roy born Shillong, Kerala, India. Indian activist; critic of wars in Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and Kashmir; opposed Indian nukes; recipient of Sydney Peace Prize for nonviolence, 2004.

  • 1985 Yara Sallam born Heliopolis, Cairo. Egyptian human rights lawyer. Arrested and sentenced to 3 years for nonviolent protest at presidential palace, Cairo, 2014. Promoted human rights in The Gambia.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1910 Evelyn Underhill completed Mysticism"The law of love is the energizing cause of the heroic."(447)

  • 1914 New York premiere of Beulah Dix’s antiwar play “Across the Border”.

  • 1918 Suffragist women (NAWSA) asked Pres. Wilson for role in peace conference.

  • 1983 Ploughshares activists Jackie Allen, Kathleen Rumpf, Elizabeth McAlister, and Clare Grady damaged B-52 planes at Griffiss AFB; imprisoned.

  • 1993 Conclusion of Manila Conference "Women, Violence & Nonviolent Action."

  • 2013 Catherine Ashton helped broker Geneva interim agreement on Iranian nuclear program.