Lola Maverick Lloyd


Lola Maverick Lloyd born Castroville, TX November 24, 1875 (d. 1944). Pacifist; suffragist; founder WILPF and Womens Peace Party, 1915; organized expedition of Ford Peace ship, 1915; mother of world government advocate Georgia Lloyd.


"The new miracles of science and technology enable us at last to bring our world some measure of unity; if our generation does not use them for construction, they will be misused to destroy it and all its slowly-won civilization of the past in a new and terrible warfare. A new world war would engulf us all. Traditional diplomacy could not save us. It is an outworn method of manipulating international relations that evidently creates disharmony and confusion. International law is discredited. The League of Nations is inadequate." (World Government: A Democratic Start, 1938; photo Tales of the New World)