November 29

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1752 Jemima Wilkinson born Cumberland, RI (d. 1819). Quaker pacifist; founded Universal Friends Society, 1775; utopian commune Lake Seneca, 1790.

  • 1809 Hannah Waring Webb born Waterford, Ireland (d. 1862). Irish Quaker pacifist; Garrisonian abolitionist; contributed to freedom of Frederick Douglass; ran Dublin soup kitchen during Irish famine, 1845.

  • 1832 Louisa May Alcott born Germantown, PA (d. 1888). Author; reformer; nonviolent abolitionist.

  • 1888 Toni Sender born Biebrich, Wiesbaden, Germany (d. 1964). German Jewish socialist pacifist. Socialist member of Reichstag, 1920-33.

  • 1936 Marie Carmèle Rose-Anne Auguste born Jeremie, Haiti. Nurse and human rights advocate; antiwar singer. Reopened State University Hospital during military coup, breaking in with an axe and recruiting doctors and staff, 1991. Minister Delegate for Human Rights and the Fight Against Extreme Poverty, 2012.

  • 1942 Elizabeth Ward born Sydney, Australia. Australian author and poet; feminist leader; protested Vietnam War; organized Pine Gap Peace Camp, 1983; leader of anti-nuclear organization Women for Survival.

  • 1945 Marjatta Rasi born Punkailadun, Finland. Finnish ambassador to UN, 1998; Vice President of ECOSOC, 2002-3; planned postwar aid; Chair of UN Peacebuilding Fund, 2006.

  • 1947 Petra Kelly born Günzburg am Danube, Swabia, Germany (d. 1992). Founded German Green Party, 1979; opposed nuclear weapons and Vietnam War. Received Right Livelihood Award, 1982.

  • 1973 Irit Tamir born Israel. Israeli lawyer. Oxfam adviser on land use for corporate agriculture. Co-founded Women Wage Peace after Gaza War, 2014.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1913 Alice Paul's Congressional Union sponsored national suffrage convention.

  • 1952 International Planned Parenthood founded in Bombay.

  • 2000 Coalition of Women for Peace formed in Tel Aviv.

  • 2012 Women and Peace Conference held in Harare, Zimbabwe and sponsored by Musana and Dutch Embassy.